Kwan Se Om

Kwan Se Om A meditation journey through the seven OMS, by Uri Ophir and Nissim Amon (Zen Master)

Seven Notes.

Seven elementary notes make up the world of music.
Each of these notes corresponds to a different energy center in the human body, known in the East as "CHAKRA".
Each note has a unique low frequency "OM", whose vibration and resonance possess a healing power.
When a note opens out into a scale, the scale becomes a song;
the song brings forth its teachings and by its presence points the way?

Seven Songs.

In this CD, the seven songs are each based on a different note.
The songs have a low frequency "OM" that runs under the melody and has the healing power of deep, constant wave vibrations.
"Kwan Se Om" in Korean means: "Perceive the sound of the world".
Everyone in the universe knows their sound. Which one is yours?


Relax your body and let the OM's vibrate inside.
It is best to sit with the back straight and the head up, without moving the hands at all.
Some strong sensations may appear during the meditation such as shivering, intense heart beatings, tears, numbness in parts of the body and a feeling of weightlessness.
Please welcome all the feelings without controlling them.
Only by passing through them with no fear or judgment, the journey will continue onwards to the open sky of true freedom.
After all, heaven and hell are only states of mind.

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