RAGARAGA is where our heart beats.
Art is a link between heaven and earth.
RAGA is a home for arts that nourishes the hearts. It all started when a group of artists gathered together in the heart of Israel and decided to bring Raga to life.
Music, dance, theater, films, art workshops, painting, story-telling… All those and much more found a home at Raga.
Israel, as one of the most colorful places on the planet, enabled Raga to have its own, very unique style; a combination and mixture of cultures and people at Raga that create much more than music, they create an artistic soul.
Located in a green village near ancient Caesarea, Raga became a center for art lovers and artists. Raga is a home that is unique, colorful, full of joy, quality and professionalism.
Jewish, Muslim and Christian artists from Israel along with guests from abroad (Brazil, India, U.S.A, Africa etc) melt together in Raga and create a new spirit.
You are invited to feel that special, refreshing spirit and listen to these rare, live performances.

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