Suzy The gifted world music singer, writer and composer continues to put her signature on special projects.

After the success of her first and second traditional Ladino (Judeo-Spanish) albums, "Herencia" ("Heritage", 1998) and "Estos y Munchos" (Many Happy Returns", 2001), she has created an original Ladino (Judeo Spanish) album, "Aromas y Memorias" ("Aromas & memories", 2004) together with the famous Ladino (Judeo Spanish) poetess, Margalit Matitiahu. Margalit's words combined with Suzy's music and voice have created a very rare album, since most of the work found in this genre is traditional.

Suzy has managed to build a steady career over the last ten years and has been recognized as a successful reviver of her own ancestors Sepharadic Jewish music and tradition. She has performed in various countries such as the U.S.A, Turkey, Georgia, Israel, Hungary and songs taken from her albums were included in dozens of compilations all over the world beside other leading world music artists. Suzy's unique voice and singing in different languages is also featured in the special meditation CD "Kwan Se Om". Her single in Hebrew "Tishkah", originally in Turkish "Unut Sevme Beni" has been released in Israel recently. Suzy stops at nothing, she has also shown acting talent by participating in a few prizes – winning educational movies.

Languages are no barrier to Suzy's ability to express her complex and interesting cultural background. Therefore she has started working on her next album which will be in Turkish, thus moving from her grandmother's language to her mother tongue.


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